Screen Rant


I began writing lists about TV, movies, video games, and comic books at Screen Rant in June of 2016. My complete body of work is available on my author page, but my favorites are listed below.

  1. 16 Movie Sequels that Inexplicably Went to Space – Space is the final frontier, and it’s also the last place we’d expect to see characters like James Bond, Pinhead from Hellraiser, or The Brave Little Toaster. And yet, there they went.
  2. The 18 Worst Things to Happen to Star Trek Crews – 50 years is plenty of time for the crews of the various starships Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager to run into trouble. These are some of the least pleasant, which include space-drunkenness and blowing up repeatedly for two weeks.
  3. The 15 Most WTF Movie Retcons of All Time Friday the 13th, Part 2 reveals that Jason Voorhees didn’t actually die in Crystal Lake. So what was all that murder in the first movie about? This article gathers up this and other strange times that film series went back on what they had already established.
  4. 15 Silly Flash Villains Who Haven’t Appeared on the CW Show … Yet – We don’t expect live-action Barry Allen to take on the Cloud Creatures or future-magician Abra Kadabra, but we’ve been wrong before.
  5. 18 Movies that Destroyed New York – Films have been taking shots at real-world Metropolis for over 75 years. This article includes some of the more elaborate and silly, like the time in one called Meteor when, somehow, it is not a meteor that totals the city.
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