TPCS-logo smallThis Podcast Contains Spoilers is an internet audio show that I hosted and produced from August 2010 to July 2012. After a long break, it returned in September 2017. Each episode, I have a guest on and we talked about a single topic or piece of media with the assumption that everyone listening was either familiar with the subject or doesn’t mind hearing it discussed in great detail.

I chose the title from laziness; I was not willing to issue “spoiler alerts” and try to guess how far the audience might want to skip ahead to avoid hearing something that might “ruin” their experience. I also wanted to leave my guests and myself free to talk about anything we wanted. In short, I was trying to cut out the bullshit.

BYOTGamesBeat’s Bring Your Own Topic show ran for eight episodes between August and November of 2012. It was a panel show that had guests contributing their own subjects for discussion with the group. Guests included developers like Double Fine’s Tim Schafer, internet personality Seanbaby, and journalists Chris Kohler and Tara Long.

I set up the RSS feed, edited raw audio files, and added art and music to each installment. In addition to editing, I published episodes to iTunes and a variety of online databases, catalogs, and other resources to grow the audience as much as possible.

What to ThinkVentureBeat’s official, weekly podcast, What to Think, went from April 2014 to March 2016. It included a round-up of the week’s top news stories and then an interview with a tech-industry leader. It spun off into two offshoots: “Innovation Engines,” which features talks with platform developers, and “The CMO’s Dilemma,” which focuses on the triumphs and pitfalls of marketing.

Like with BYOT, I set up the RSS feed, edited raw audio, and uploaded finished episodes. I also created and uploaded the YouTube edition and created a playlist on VentureBeat’s account to let users quickly access show content.

VB_Engage_Talia_WolfVentureBeat’s VB Engage includes the latest in mobile-engagement news and interviews with industry leaders and visionaries. It has been running since May of 2016, and I edit all episodes and upload them for distribution.


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