GamesBeatI started working at GamesBeat, the gaming arm of VentureBeat, in April of 2012. You can see everything I’ve written here, but if you don’t have time to sift through all that, I’m including some of my favorites below.

  1. 8 button prompts we would like to have seen – This is a gallery of screenshots that I manipulated with Photoshop for comedic effect. I hope.
  2. The funniest Achievements and Trophies ever, part one: Failures – The first in a five-part series (I have links to the rest of the entries at the bottom of that one) in which I showcase some silly virtual rewards.
  3. 18 ridiculous(ly expensive) video game special editions – I did a ton of research and discovered the most expensive big-box editions of video games ever released. This list is currently out of date since some developers started including actual cars and trips to space. Also, I Photoshopped those cats.
  4. Here’s a chart of every decision in The Walking Dead: Season 1 (image) – More Photoshopping; I designed this flow chart from scratch. It took a while.
  5. Your lingering BioShock Infinite questions answered (more or less) – A massive article containing a ton of research in which I attempt to answer every question from developer Irrational Games’ universe-hopping shooter.
  6. Read+Watch+Listen: Bonus material for The Last of Us fans – This is the second entry in a series in which I recommend related material for people who like a particular video game. I also designed the header.
  7. When it comes to scary video game monsters, size matters not – Video game monsters don’t have to be people-sized to terrify you. Here are some of the most horrifying beasts that could be hiding in your sock drawer right now.


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