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Cult of Mac logoI started working at Cult of Mac, an Apple-centric news and reviews site, in August 2013, and I was there through May 2016. You can see everything I’ve written here, but here are some selections:

  1. The unbelievable true story of Farty Troll‘s struggle to release – An interview with webcomic PvP‘s Scott Kurtz and Cory Casoni about the trouble they had getting their flatulence-driven Flappy Bird clone through Apple’s approval process.
  2. Snopes declares Apple Music deletion fears ‘mostly false’ – I’d already reported on the blog post claiming that Apple had reached into one user’s computer and trashed his music, but here came Snopes to set us all straight.
  3. Make your home screen pop with round iOS folders – A quick, sneaky little trick lets you turn some of the folders on your iPhone round. It looks cool, so I shared it. The header photograph is mine.
  4. Man wants to marry his MacBook to make (idiotic) point – This guy believed that if he could get a judge to issue him a marriage license to let him wed his laptop, it would somehow prove same-sex marriage ridiculous. Good luck with that, man.
  5. Check out this high-tech animal gear for National Pet Day – This is a round-up of some cool pet gadgets, including a collar that will tell you if your animal friend is in danger of drowning and modular housing for your cat.
  6. HappySacs keep your boys out of some sticky situations – This review may be out of the site’s usual scope, but it was too weird to pass up. They’re little pouches that men can wear to keep from developing a swamp situation in their underpants. And I’m pretty proud of the fact that I didn’t repeat a single entendre when I was talking about dude bits.
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