BitmobIn June 2009, I became a community writer at Bitmob, a community-driven video game site. In August of 2011, they took me on as an intern. In May of 2012, I became a full-fledged staff writer. The site no longer exists; VentureBeat purchased it in January of 2012 and incorporated all of the existing content into its own community site. You can’t easily find my Bitmob stuff online anymore, but I’m including some of the highlights below.

  1. Is Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 turning our children into magic-crazed maniacs? – My “review” of the second Lego Harry Potter game, for which I played the first couple hours with my four-year-old nephew and then wrote a faux-sensationalist piece about our time with it.
  2. Journey’s multiplayer is useless … and that’s alright – I wrote this immediately after finishing developer thatgamecompany’s artsy title for the PlayStation Network.
  3. Fez made me feel like a crazy person – A record of my spiral into madness after playing controversial developer Phil Fish’s magnum opus.
  4. The five stages of PixelJunk 4am – PixelJunk 4am is an interactive visualizer that uses Sony’s PlayStation Move motion controller. This self-illustrated piece documents how I learned to just let go and enjoy it.
  5. Slender taught me to fear again – Somehow, this is the most popular article I’ve ever written. I both love and hate Slender for how it creates a truly terrifying experience with so little.
  6. 3 books that shouldn’t become video games (that I would totally play) – This is a pretty self-explanatory humor piece.
  7. Mark of the Ninja is a tribute to silent badassery – Oh, Ninjas. You used to be cool. And then I got tired of you. And then Mark of the Ninja made you cool again.

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